QABAR {Grave in English} Extreme Music PR is the consequence of the blueprint, manifested by Hassan Amin {AKA Hassan Dozakhi} and Zoheb Mahmud. Both critters have been involved in the extreme music landscape with various manoeuvres. Hassan is the Frontman of various bands including Multinational Corporation, Foreskin and Kafir-E-Azam, Founder and Editor of Eternal Abhorrence {Extreme Music Blog}, and also Organizers of various local gigs. Whereas, Zoheb is a part of Venustas Diabolicus {a community and webzine dedicated to black metal music} and Primitive Invocation {responsible for organizing Banish the Posers Fest and various Extreme Metal gigs/fests}, and also a PR guy of a few bands.

Mentioned persons have done PR activities for different bands, and now unite to provide the Press/Media promotional services to the underprivileged bands who cannot afford the exorbitant rates of the established PR/Promotional Firms.

A major hindrance that is preventing the artists/labels from going forward is the proper way of promotion. And spreading the artists’/labels music to media and press will definitely enable the opportunity to get wider audiences, good label or good promoters.

Qabar’s specializes in all sorts of Extreme Music : Thrash, Heavy, Doom, Black, Death, Cross, Sludge, Grind, Crust, Powerviolence, D-beat, Hardcore, Hard Rock and other subgenres of Rock/Punk/Metal.

Qabar Extreme PR does all sorts of campaigns [album – demo, live and studio releases and tours/gigs/fests] within a very affordable rate.
{For more details, check the “Rates and Services Section”}.


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