QABAR {Grave in English} Extreme Music PR is the consequence of the blueprint, manifested by Hassan Amin {AKA Hassan Dozakhi} and Zoheb Mahmud. Both critters have been involved in the extreme music landscape with various manoeuvres. Hassan is the Frontman of various bands including Multinational Corporation, Foreskin and others, Founder and Editor of Eternal Abhorrence {Extreme Music Blog}, and also Organizers of various local gigs. Whereas, Zoheb is a part of Venustas Diabolicus {a community and webzine dedicated to black metal music} and Primitive Invocation {responsible for organizing Banish the Posers Fest and various Extreme Metal gigs/fests}, and also a PR guy of a few bands.

Mentioned persons have done PR activities for different bands, and now unite to provide the Press/Media promotional services to the underprivileged bands who cannot afford the exorbitant rates of the established PR/Promotional Firms.

A major hindrance that is preventing the artists/labels from going forward is the proper way of promotion. And spreading the artists’/labels music to media and press will definitely enable the opportunity to get wider audiences, good label or good promoters.

Qabar’s specializes in all sorts of Extreme Music : Thrash, Heavy, Doom, Black, Death, Cross, Sludge, Grind, Crust, Powerviolence, D-beat, Hardcore, Hard Rock and other subgenres of Rock/Punk/Metal.

Qabar Extreme PR does all sorts of campaigns [album – demo, live and studio releases and tours/gigs/fests] within a very affordable rate.
{For more details, check the “Rates and Services Section”}.

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